I started. I finished. I came in dead fuckin’ last, 2 laps down on the leaders (including women’s leader Kathy Sherwin, and possibly Dayna Deuter as well), and at least 1 lap down on the entire field. But I finished.

I didn’t wimp out again; I didn’t quit … I did take the “shamelessly honorless” route around the back barriers on every lap except the first, instead of running them; a technique that has been referred to as Linde-ing the barriers.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one, but it’s not like it helped me save any time, just some lung busting.

I’m not even all that concerned about other people who were way off the back doing the same, but according to one of my teammates, a few of the front runners in his category did the same thing.

That sucks.

Next race, Gallagher is going to make sure that the barriers are taped off so there’s no “option” to skirt them.

It was a long double weekend … I nearly passed out after the very last race of the day … it’s the first time I’ve ever bonked while sitting in a truck; I can’t imagine how the people who actually raced both days, doubled up either yesterday or today, or did the double-double feel.

And Jennie, if it’s any consolation, I got pretty violently ill myself today, after stuffing my face post-truck-bonk. That fact that you kept racing (and came out again today) speaks volumes about your character, at least as an athlete.

Next weekend is an off-weekend, then back to Heber the first weekend in November. If it’s not peanut butter like it was two weeks ago, I’ll give that course a go as well.