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Guess what! I wimped again!

Yup, you read it … I wimped out of today’s cross race … again.

Got up early this morning to a balmy 65-degrees … on the drive up to Ogden, I saw 54 degrees, then 49 degrees, then 45 degrees on various thermometers. Shortly before getting to Ogden, the wind starting whipping up, and it started dumping rain.

Knowing that I would have very little chance to warm-up before my race, then would have to spend 45 minutes racing in pissing cold rain, then sit around in the cold for another 4-hours afterwards, since there is never really enough time between races to get cleaned up and dried off.

But I am committed to racing tomorrow; no matter what the conditions are, it’s Wheeler Farm, and that means that I must race.

There was a time when I relished the nastiness. Oh sure, I still actually sucked, since my fitness levels have completely gone to shit since I moved to Utah, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was getting out and having some fun.

Now I’m scared shitless of lining up, and I don’t know why … but what difference does it make? Nobody is expecting me to do well, so the only way I can really let anyone down is if I don’t start … right?