I just realized that I’m going to be racing (and getting my ass kicked by) Kathy Sherwin, Dayna Deuter, and the Mistress.

I guess that’s better than getting beat by the Hover and Layer clans, all of whom are fine kids … but they’re KIDS!

Fort Buenaventura, Ogden, Utah on Saturday. Maybe. Wheeler Farm, Murray, Utah on Sunday. Definitely.

And now the smack is being thown down by mountain girl; who has been sick half this week, even AFTER I gave her a personal back-up DVD of large chunks of my jazz collection to store (but definitely not share or copy). Luckily for me, she’s racing in the women’s “B” race, so I don’t get to have my ass handed to me by an invalid.

Hope she digs the music. I heartily recommend Lavay Smith’s One Hour Mama and/or Everybody’s Talkin’ ‘Bout Miss Thing and Johnny Boyd’s Last Word In.

I have yet to decide which Chet Baker version of My Funny Valentine I like best.