Listening to jazz now, I’m happy


Listening to jazz now, I’m happy
    sun shining outside like it was my lifetime achievement award.
                I’m happy,
with my friend and her dog up in Durango, her emailing
    me this morning
no coon hound ailing yowls
vibrant I love yous.
        I’m happy,
        my smile a big Monarch butterfly
        after having juiced up some carrots, garlic, seaweed,
        I stroll the riverbank, lazy as a deep cello
in a basement bar—

                    smoke, cagney’d out patrons
                    caramel and chocolate women in black
                            shoulder strap satin dresses,
                    and red high heels.

From Winter Poems Along the Rio Grande by Jimmy Santiago Baca. Copyright © 2004 by Jimmy Santiago Baca. Reprinted without permission of New Directions.