… quite as wonderful as the smell of a pot roast permeating the the house (or tiny little apartment, in my case).

A nice hunk of beef (seared and browned), organic carrots and baby red potatoes, yellow onion, Italian herb seasoning, salt and pepper, and lots of vegetable broth … stick it in the roasting pot, turn the oven to 250-degrees, and let it sit for 8-hours.

Okay, you don’t really just let it sit for 8-hours … you do have to take it out and baste it every so often, once or twice an hour, and flip it so that all sides get some submersion-in-broth action.

But when it’s ready … when it’s good and done … when you just touch it with a fork and the meat just falls apart … that’s when you know it’s done, and it’s oh, so good!

I can’t wait to dig in …