Unfortunately, people are starting to call me on it … even Dr. Cross told me to “Harden the Fuck Up” on Thursday.

I really am going to have to suck it up and suit up next weekend; at the VERY least on Sunday at Wheeler Farm, but I might be shamed into racing on Saturday at Fort Buenaventura as well.

Because of the craziness of the first flite, mixing “C” men, “B” women, and young kids, if I’m going to get a race in, I’ll have to step up and race 35+ “B” men … so I’m being upgraded not-by-choice and certainly not for merit … because I’m needed on the finish line during the race I’d normally ride.


Looks like we know who will have the DFL position locked up! Assuming I don’t DNF, that is, and I’d rather DNS than DNF.

So, to which team should I give a bad name with my dismal performance? Cutthroat Racing (my local team) or CYBC/Richard Sachs (my personal “sponsor”)?

Most of the big guns were out of town this week, doing 24 Hours of Moab or just off on business, but Mama T did a fabulous job to take the first lap prime in the women’s “B” race before fading a bit later, and Kathy Sherwin showed up for her first UTCX race of the season, but after winning the first lap prime, she had a mechanical issue which dropped her back to 2nd place, and while she clawed some time back, she couldn’t catch back up to Krieg Cycling‘s Kris Walker.

In the men’s “A” race, Ali Goulet pulled out a very large lead on the first lap, but young gun Mitchell Peterson pulled back seconds on him every lap, until finally passing him for good on the off-camber run-up on the last lap, aided in part when Ali slipped on the run-up. Jon Gallagher held on for a strong third-place finish. Art “the Condor” O’Connor was putting in a fine effort for 4th place, when a mid-race crash took him out of the race completely … hope the knee feels better than it looked.