Photography Utah

Heber City Mudfest

More photos from the Heber City Mudfest can be found on Flickr … mostly women’s A & B races, along with men’s singlespeed for now … I got nearly 500 photos, and it’s taking time to sort, and I haven’t even gotten into cropping yet … So when The Wise One says “really small riders”, […]

Photography Utah

CX-y Steves of Utah

The Reverend Steven P. has got his ugly face on … … while Steve Wasmund continues to rock the single-speed category. Wonder how he’d do if he manned up and rode gears against Bart without doing the single-speed category first?

Cycling Photography Utah

More CX-y women of Utah

The Mistress beginning her warm-up. I’ve never seen her without a smile on her face when she’s riding a ‘cross bike. Wonder if she suspected just how difficult it was going to be? I don’t think it mattered, since she’s still got that smile post-race!

Photography Utah

CX-y women of Utah

Jennie Wade pushing hard to a strong second-place finish in the women’s “B” race. I think we’ve got us a ‘cross racer, judging by that post-race smile.