CZT writes about craziness on her “day off” … and I know exactly what she’s talking about … I took a vacation day today, but have been running around all day … doesn’t feel even remotely like a vacation.

Had a meeting planned at work, and even though today is/was a day “off”, I had to get up and go in, since one of the people I needed to meet with has been out-of-town until today, and starts a 10-day vacation tomorrow, so it was do that or wait almost two weeks to get this process that I’m trying to do started … then I had to haul ass home to wait for the plumbers and heating guys, plus do a grocery stop on the way.

$210 and a few hours later and my furnace is fixed … $55 and a home warranty claim later, and most of my plumbing issues are fixed; at least the ones that could cause damage to my and my downstairs neighbor’s apartment.

And I still need to arrange time to pick up the rest of my furniture from Kim … was trying to get it today, but she has been out of town and I don’t know if it’s ready (nor do I have the number of the guy she recommends to haul stuff for cheap) … so now my aim is to get it done on Sunday, assuming that Ohran is able to get his trailer emptied out, or that I can borrow Art’s big-stupid-truck™ (his words), and get someone to help me out for beer and/or food.

Sugarhouse CX clinic starts in about 90 minutes, so need to get myself and my bike ready for that … then I am supposed to be going bowling with my co-workers as part of some team-building exercise (so I should pack along some clean, non-cycling clothes when I head over to SHP so I can change and go straight to the alley) … it’s a voluntary thing, but politically, it would likely be wise to show.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get home early enough that I can get a halfway decent night’s sleep.

Saturday is the second race in the Utah Cyclocross Series in Heber, and if the “C” mens/”B” women/”B” Junior (<14) race is as crazy as it was this past weekend in Ogden, I'm going to have to cat-up to 35+ "B", even though it means racing longer against guys who are a whole lot faster. If that happens, I expect my customary results position to shift from NQDFL ("not quite DFL") to SUDFL ("straight-up DFL").