… and dark, with no power and no heat this morning at 5:00 when I got up to get ready for today’s Utah Cyclocross race at Fort Buenaventura, in Ogden.

But it turned into an absolutely beautiful day … wish I felt better, since I would have loved to have gotten in more than one lap today.

Did get a bunch of pictures though. Working through 316 photos trying to find any all all good ones to upload on Flickr.

Sager’s Crocs bring whole new meaning to the word “ugly” … I mean, they’re pretty bad in general, and I don’t know if there’s any difference between the ones he was wearing and the standard fare you can pick up at Wild Oats, but damn, those things were hideous.

Heather Gilbert
Heather Gilbert, Cutthroat Racing Team

Dayna Deuter
Dayna Deuter, in her second race of the the day

Matt Ohran
Matt Ohran, makin’ it look easy …

Jason Sager
Jason Sager, makin’ it look even easier …

Bart Gillespie
Bart “you call this a race?” Gillespie, crushing the field