Home ownership has its downsides, first and foremost of which is … repairs. Especially repairs that I can’t do myself.

Had a plumber out today to inspect my bathroom … I need to have my shower faucets repaired, a new shut-off valve attached to my toilet, and to get the old drain removed from my sink so I can get the new one (that attaches to my faucet, with stopper) installed.

Minimum estimate … $450. But it could push $1000 if the shower valves can’t be repaired but need to be replaced.

And the worst part? I missed the Doctor‘s CX clinic tonight because I had to stick around and wait for the plumber to show up.

On the bright side, it looks as though tightening up the existing shut-off valve stopped the leak into my downstairs neighbor’s place, and replacing the valve should fix that issue completely. The last thing I want to do is be responsible for damaging someone else’s property.

Good thing I got that home warranty policy when I bought the place. Wish I could use my choice of plumber, but I’m trying to figure out a way to finagle that. “I’ve had a really bad experience with your contractor and refuse to have them in my home. I paid for coverage, so you better work with me on this.”