Rainy Sunday …

Went out for a short ride yesterday afternoon, trying to beat the storm but didn’t quite make it out early enough … got sidetracked by my downstairs neighbor, who is apparently experiencing a little dripping from my apartment …

I’ve been delaying calling a plumber to fix the leaky/drippy faucet in my tub, but it looks like I also have a small leak from the pipe feeding water to the toilet’s tank as well. I tightened the valve up and it looks like I stopped the drip, but the pipe and shut-off valve are old, and could likely stand to be replaced.

I finally got out, and headed south through Holladay towards Cottom Bottom, then climbed up past the Old Mill to Wasatch to head back north. Was going to take Wasatch all the way up to Parley’s but it started raining; and more heavily than just a sprinkle … as I was heading north, I got held up by a Sheriff’s deputy blocking traffic so that a Lifeflight helicopter could airlift out an injured hiker on Mt. Olympus.

When it became obvious that the heli wouldn’t be lifting off anytime soon, and as I was standing there getting wetter and wetter, the deputy finally allowed me to scoot through; I cut the ride short, and dropped back down 4500 South to head home, rather than going all the way up to Parley’s.

Did stop and take a few pix over the valley on the way.

Clouds over the Salt Lake Valley

Clouds over the Salt Lake Valley