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It’s done … (almost)

Finished cleaning at Clem and JEM’s today; at least, I think so … I did forget a couple of things that I need to retrieve; cocktail recipe books mainly, but also a few cocktail utensils that have been in the family for a number of years. This is more of a sentimental thing than a “irreplaceable” thing. Although, I guess sentiment is irreplaceable.

Still need to retrieve furniture from Kim, and there’s almost enough room for it now … just gotta purge a little more; and find a few more places to stash some stuff temporarily.

But it’s so … so … so close!

Dropped the CX bike off at Spin Cycle for a tune-up and to install some Salsa Cross2 inline brake levers, to get ready for the season that I’ll be surprised if I finish more than half the races I enter …


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