Sex and (okay … CX and) …

The Doctor‘s second CX clinic of the season was this evening at Sugarhouse Park.

Having only spent one brief hour on my bike in the past month, needless to say, I wasn’t really feeling it this evening. When one lap around a basically flat park winds you, then you know you’re fat and out of shape. So I spent my time rolling easy on the grass, stumbling over the barriers a couple of times, and knockin’ my ‘nads on a really poorly timed remount.

Thanks to Kathy Sherwin for lending me her multi-tool so I could reset my saddle from a 45-degree up-angle to level. Clearly, I am not ready for next weekend’s CX season opener in Ogden, but I’ll be up there nonetheless, rolling easy for a couple laps before helping officiate the latter 3 flites.

CZT missed tonight for obvious reasons … do funerals in Massachusetts become food and boozefests like they do in the South? There’s nothing quite like returning from a somber ceremony at the church and cemetary to a big ol’ party at the house, will all the pig, potatoes, gin and juice you can suck down. Lots of stories, lots of memories, lots of laughter, and more than anything, lots of love.

I can’t imagine a funeral any other way.

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  1. We thought we would have the jesus squad at our house after the funeral. Ya know, the women who bring church food to the house. We were pleasantly surprised with a full spread of food and a chef.

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