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Nowness is the sense that we are attuned to what is happening. The past is fiction and the future is a dream, and we are just living on the edge of a razor blade. It is extraordinarily sharp, extraordinarily tentative and quivering. We try to establish ground but the ground is not solid enough, because it is too sharp. We are quivering between that and this. … This razor-blade quality is something more than psychological irritation. Life as a whole becomes penetratingly sharp — unavoidable and at the same time cutting. We could say that is the living description of the truth that life contains pain. According to Buddhism, life or existence is defined according to the truth of suffering, which is the razor blade.

From “The Razor’s Edge,” in ORDERLY CHAOS: THE MANDALA PRINCIPLE, pages 18 to 19. All material by Chogyam Trungpa is copyright Diana J. Mukpo and used without permission.