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First night …

Here it is, 1:30am on my first night in my new apartment/condo/home.

It feels weird to be here … it still doesn’t feel like my place. Not sure why, because it’s just as messy as pretty much any other place I’ve ever lived in my life, excluding the vast majority of the house in Midvale when I was still married.

Still working on unpacking the stuff that I have here thus far, to make room for the rest of the stuff that I still need to bring. One of my dressers and most of my clothes are here now; tomorrow (or technically, later today), I’ll be heading back over to the house on Columbus Street to get the other dresser, purge some more crap, and do some cleaning.

Also need to make a trip to Target to buy some household items I still haven’t gotten … things like trash cans, garbage bags, dish towels, and a dish rack.

Getting closer everyday.

Okay … time for bed … time to see how quickly and easily I’ll be able to fall asleep in my new bed. Wonder how long it will take to get comfortable here.