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Quote of the Day

If only it were this easy:


According to the Buddha, when you are being mindful, then walking is mindful, talking is mindful, breathing is mindful, feeling is mindful, hearing is mindful, sensation is mindful. You don’t need to work harder to feel more than you usually feel, or to hear more than you usually hear. Rather, mindfulness is extra bliss in some sense. I am not particularly trying to make a sales pitch for mindfulness, but it is somewhat joyful. You realize that you could be so uplifted by being mindful. You begin to feel very good that you could rise beyond your regular, ordinary struggles, which don’t even require that much awareness, but which normally give you tremendous pain and misery and unmindfulness….We can always experience some sense of the joy of being alive, as human beings.

  — From “Mindfulness Discipline: Cutting the Root of Cause and Effect,” in THE 1981 HINAYANA-MAHAYANA TRANSCRIPTS, page 24. All material by Chogyam Trungpa is copyright Diana J. Mukpo and reprinted here without permission.