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9-1-1, what’s your emergency?

Today is my mom’s 69th birthday … which I guess is fabulous in some ways, and downright sucks in other ways; my mom’s birthday will forever have connotations of terrorism.

But at least my mom is relatively healthy, unlike some of my friends’ parents; Train‘s mom had a rough time early this year, but seems to be doing better, and the Newb‘s mom is not doing well.

I guess I should be grateful, my life is actually pretty good right now, but I’m finding myself falling back into a pretty deep funk.  I guess I’m probably not ready to start weening myself off the happy pills, and I wonder if I need to talk to my crazy doctor about increasing the dose again … if I can get an appointment to see her anytime soon.

I missed my last appointment because the signing of my title/mortgage documents took much longer than expected.

Note … my mortgage has now been corrected back to my new condo, and not to the Sandy parking lot.  I’m not sure if I should happy about that …