Process …

Busy weekend.

  • Moved a bunch of boxes this weekend.
  • Bought a bed.
  • Bought cookware and dishes (need to pick-up other dishes from Kim).
  • Bought and installed a new garbage disposal.
  • Bought and installed new faucets for the bathroom and kitchen. Need to fix the drain (or get it fixed) in the bathroom sink so I can properly install the stopper.
  • Bought and installed a new shower head. Need to get the faucet fixed so it stops dripping.
  • Bought and installed a shower rod, towel rack, and new toilet paper holder.
  • Bought and installed a new doorknob/deadbolt for the front door.
  • Bought and installed a new thermostat.
  • Got cable and internet service installed.
  • Scrubbed lime deposits off the heating element in my dishwasher.

Now, I’m going to go to sleep.

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