Power outage …

Got home from work yesterday to discover that we didn’t have any power … the wind started picking up as I was driving through downtown SLC, and shortly after I got home it started raining; horizontal rain, at that.

So I spent the evening with a Black Diamond headlamp on, reading, before crashing early about 8:30 … it’s hard to stay awake when it’s dark and there’s nothing else to do.

Still haven’t closed on the condo … the lender now had questions about the number of units that were owner-occupied vs. rentals. Apparently they want a ratio of 70:30, and the ratio currently is 62.5:37.5. My mortgage broker said that he was going to ask for an exception.

I pointed out that my unit had been a rental, but will be owner-occupied if I can closed the damned loan. That would get the ratio up to 66.7:33.3, and that there were at least two other units that sold within the past month or so, at least one of which is owner occupied. If it was also a rental previously, then that kicks the ratio up to 71:29, and we’re golden. He contacted the management company, and they indicated that their info was a couple months old, and they are going to revise the questions from the lender.

Keep your fingers crossed for me … I’ve actually got a pretty good feeling that today might be the day. I hope.