Extension granted …

… managed to buy a few days to get the mortgage closed … extension granted until Friday, but we’re trying to hit Tuesday or Wednesday (at the latest). The file is complete, it’s just a matter of the underwriter signing off and authorizing the title company to draw docs, according to my broker. All I […]

This doesn’t really help me …

… with getting my mortgage issue resolved … how can it when the mortgage broker doesn’t follow through and return calls when he says he will? From today’s New York Times: Bush Will Offer Relief for Some on Home Loans By STEVEN R. WEISMAN WASHINGTON, Aug. 30 — President Bush, in his first response to […]

Poetry Friday (for real this time)

No. 207 By reading books can you avoid death? By reading books can you avoid being poor? For what reason do we delight in recognition of words? Through recognition of words we defeat other men! If a great man does not recognize words, There is no place where he’ll be secure. When golden thread is […]

Video Poetry (part the turd)

DESCENDENTS – ‘MERICAN We flipped our finger to the King of England Stole our country from the Indians With God on our side and guns in our hands We took it for our own! A nation dedicated to liberty Justice and equality Does it look that way to you? It doesn’t look that way to […]

Video Poetry (part deux)

ALKALINE TRIO – WE’VE HAD ENOUGH In the shadows where the heads hang low You hear voices as the wind blows, asking “can’t you see?” Reminding you to breathe It’s only time before it catches up to you and all your broken luck I found a better way to get even with my memory That […]

Video Poetry (part the first)

PENNYWISE – FUCK AUTHORITY Someday you gotta find another way, you better right your mind and live by what you say Today is just another day unless you set your sights and try to find a way I say fuck authority Silent majority Raised by the system Now it’s time to rise against them We’re […]