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Ahhhhhhh ….

One nice thing about the crusty ear is that it’s crusty on the left (i.e. non-phone) ear … because that means I can work on my social skills by actally talking to someone, rather than just IM’ing back and forth.

Another bonus is that it’s crusty on the outside and not on the inside, which means, of course, that music can still fill my evenings … and I’ve been on a big female alt-Americana kick lately …

Tanya Donelly (of Throwing Muses and Belly) and Kristin Hersh (of Throwing Muses) have pretty much always rocked my world; but more recently I’m listening to a lot of Neko Case, Kelly Hogan, and Gillian Welch as well.

Quite a difference from the usual punk fare on the CD player in the Trooper and the iPod on the bike … and likely another reason why some of my co-workers call me “cultured” … eh … fuck’em … I dig the music.