Quote of the Day

A WARRIOR WITHOUT TERRITORY Student: The idea of a warrior is usually associated with territory or responding to a sense of danger. If we give up all territory, what is the motivation for having the spirit of a warrior? Chogyam Trungpa: A warrior is not like a samurai who is looking for a job. You […]

Ahhhhhhh ….

One nice thing about the crusty ear is that it’s crusty on the left (i.e. non-phone) ear … because that means I can work on my social skills by actally talking to someone, rather than just IM’ing back and forth. Another bonus is that it’s crusty on the outside and not on the inside, which […]


Being the Chief un-Official at the World’s Collide Cyclocross this past weekend had its benefits … it also came with a price. The big spot on the back of my head isn’t so bad to deal with … it’s a little sensitive, and looks funny, but all and all, it’s not a big thing. But […]