Sunburn sucks …

Actually had a halfway decent ride today; legs felt pretty good, only had to stop and gasp for breath a couple of times, and managed to keep my heartrate below 160 for the vast majority of the ride.

Only about 17 miles, in a little over an hour or so of on-bike time … would have been able to do more, but with the sun beating down on me; no matter how much sunscreen I put on, I was dying from the skin pain.

Note to self: Buy multiple massive tubs of sunscreen. Keep in car at all times. Apply liberally, preferably with assistance of attractive members of the opposite gender.

I think I’m going to need to go buy a pair of running shoes … I wonder if doing laps down at the track at West High (or along East/West Bonneville) will help me shed a few ell-bees and re-develop some lung capacity more quickly than riding will.

And with the first CX race behind me, I’m starting to think winter … we need some rain, snow, and mud … enough to make things interesting at the November/December CX races, but not quite enough that I have to choose between CX and skiing.

But on December 9th, it better start dumping YARDS (not inches, not feet) of snow especially above 6000 feet.