You betcha, and if you weren’t there (for the race or the food), then you missed out.

The Heber Fairgrounds course is pan-flat, and yet, still very technical, with hard dirt, soft dirt, mud, horse poop, sand, gravel, lots and lots of bumpy grass, s-turns and more, making this a true cyclocross course, rather than the typical jungle-cross course Utah has become known for.

A terrific showing by Cutthroat Racing, including a number of riders who decided to double-up.

A FINE 2nd-place in the women’s B’s by Heather G., in her first ever CX race … and Steve W. walked away with the single-speed race, before turning in a top-10 finish in the men’s A race (also on his singlespeed, I might add).

CTR jerseys galore! Amy A. (who put in a good race, then displayed amazing grace and poise whilst riding her bike straight into a barrel after crossing the finish line), Jim P., two or three riders whom I have absolutely no idea who they are, Mistress Julie, and of course the aforementioned Heather G. and Steve W; with officiating by the fat (and now extremely sunburnt) guy with expensive bikes that rarely get ridden.

And did the fun and festivities end there? NO! For after the race, organizer Jon Gallagher hosted a clam-bake/backyard barbecue … Steamed clams, clam chowder, fire-grilled shrimp, turkey and Boca burgers, fresh corn-on-the-cob, salads of all sorts, and cold beer, water and soda …


By the way, rumor has it that entry fees are dropping back down this year, to $20.00 (pre-reg)/$25.00 (day-of) from last year’s fees … Even though insurance has gone up yet again, Matt O. feels confident that the increased numbers of riders from last year will continue to turn out (and bring more with them), allowing him to lower entry fees and still cover expenses.

10-race season passes are $180 (buy 9, get one free).

7-race passes are $130 ($10.00 off the regular price).

Series passes should be available through