Instant Equity?

Looks like I might get lucky and get some instant equity in the condo … the final report won’t be ready until Wednesday morning, but the word I’ve got is that the appraiser did 9 comps of other similar units in Holladay, and of those only one sold/appraised below my offer …

This means it shouldn’t be a problem getting my place appraised for the amount of the loan at the very least, and possibly a little more. And my broker is indicating that the program he’s got me in is actually a prime program, not sub-prime or even alt-A, which surprised me.

Obviously, I’m hoping for the “more” on the appraisal … and of course still worrying about the loan going through, but thus far all the news I’m getting is good …

Could it be? Could something finally be going my way this year?

2 Replies to “Instant Equity?

  1. Beware self fulfilling prophecy’s. Do you think Eddy saw himself crashing at Roubaix or ripping legs off while laughing at their futile attempts to follow his wheel?

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