I can’t even show you how crappy my ride was today, because my Garmin Edge 305 decided not to cooperate today by actually recording anything.

About 11 miles in 48 minutes … yee-frickin’ haw! … tried City Creek, but my legs and lungs were having none of it, so I did East/West Bonneville (aka, the horseshoe above Memory Grove Park) a couple times, then dropped down through the Marmalade, rode north to Victory Blvd., and back up the hill from that direction.

Can I blame residual particulate matter in the air from yesterday’s implosion of the old Key Bank Tower? Can I blame it on that rather than my own fat-and-out-of-shape-ness?

I want a pizza … it won’t do anything to improve my physical condition, but the yummy flavor will at least make me feel emotionally better for about 30 minutes.