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6 Days to CX

… and I’ve ridden a grand total of 25 miles in the past month.

Somehow, I don’t think I’ll actually be riding the race next weekend, but I will be up there helping the officials, to make sure they get things right, since the local USCF officials really don’t have much experience doing a cyclocross race.

The big question for today … go out for a short, hard one (i.e., my usual City Creek ride), or for a longer, but flatter through the Avenues, Foothill, and possibly down Wasatch way towards my new apartment/condo in Holladay (I’m calling it mine, even though I haven’t closed, just to keep a positive outlook on that whole process).

I could also ride out to my office, just to see how long it will take me, so I can try to commute a couple times this week … later work schedule and lack of appointments means I might actually be able to accomplish this.

But knowing how I seem to operate, it probably won’t happen.

More later, after I get back from my ride … I’ll let you know what happened.