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Karl Rove, Top Strategist, Is Leaving the White House

Mr. Rove, the mastermind behind President Bush’s two presidential campaigns, today made an emotional statement to the press.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 13 — Karl Rove, the political adviser who masterminded President Bush’s two winning presidential campaigns and secured his own place in history as a political strategist with extraordinary influence within the White House, is resigning, Mr. Rove announced today.

In an emotional statement to the press on the lawn at the White House, he said he was leaving at the end of this month to spend more time with his family.

With Mr. Bush standing beside him, Mr. Rove paid tribute to the president as a farsighted colleague who put America on a war footing and a leader who among other things took decisive action to strengthen the economy.

Thank God, something is finally going right in this administration; now if we can get rid of Alberto Gonzales … and somebody PLEASE find a reason to indict Dick Cheney!

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