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Ha! Now this is funny!

Bike Snob NYC: The BSNYC 2008 Dream Bike Shootout

As a cyclist and writer, I’ve long dreamed of seeing my work printed in the pages of “Bicycling” magazine. So far, my efforts towards gaining entree into the “Redbook” of cycling publications have been thwarted. My pitches that have been rejected so far include:

  • “How To Raise (Or Lower) Your Saddle “
  • “Seven Tips for Repairing a Flat Tire—Underwater!”
  • “Five Ways To Keep Your Beer Gut Off Your Top Tube”
  • “Primal Jerseys and Half Shorts: Not Just For Pros Anymore”
  • “Six Tips For Out-Sprinting Your Wife”

This time, though, I’m confident I will finally get in. An issue of “Bicycling” without a bike shootout is like an issue of “Playboy” without a centerfold, or like an issue of “The New Yorker” without an unreadably boring short story. So I’ve taken it upon myself to review three of the hottest 2008 road bikes out there. Read on—I’m sure you’ll agree my success is virtually assured:

If only every article on the blogosphere was this funny!