I’ve never doubted Michael Arse-ficken’s climbing abilities, so his performance today on the final climb to Plâteau de Beille is not surprising … but Alberto Contador is freakin’ amazing!

Sure hope that Levi doesn’t harbor any ideas that he is still the team leader for this Tour, because Contador is definitely looking stronger, even if he is young and inexperienced.

Evans is still missing just that little bit extra he needs on the climbs to keep Rasmussen in sight, and close enough that to take the overall in the final time trial next Saturday.

Vinokourov’s explosion on the first climb today is a huge disappointment, especially after his outstanding time-trial yesterday. I can only hope that he can pull it together for another stage win somewhere along the line, and that Klöden’s injuries are healing up enough that he’ll be able to inflict some more damage in the mountains (and in the final time trial).

What it comes down to right now … I don’t really care who wins as long as it is NOT Rasmussen.

At the very least, this is turning out to be one of the more exciting Tours in a long time.