No more KOM for Millar

Not David Millar, who is currently wearing the polka dot jersey in this year’s Tour de France, but Robert Millar … Scotland’s original King of the Mountains.

Britain’s vanished Tour de France champion reappears – as a woman

Known as “King of the Mountains”, cyclist Robert Millar was Britain’s best performer in the Tour de France and an inspiration to a generation of fans.

He was named BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1984 and became an elder statesman of cycling once his racing days were over.

Then, four years ago, he simply disappeared – and even a year’s research for a newly published biography failed to track him down.

But as the latest Tour de France starts in London today, the Daily Mail can reveal that Millar, 48, will never be able to use the title “King of the Mountains” again.

For the powerful sporting hero who once failed a drugs test for having too much testosterone is now living as a woman under the name Philippa York in a Dorset village.

I remember reading several years back rumours along these lines, but there was never any confirmation; and then the always reclusive Millar seemingly disappeared 4 years ago. Now we know why.

Interestingly, Robert Millar is not the first transgendered pro cyclist … Michelle Dumaresq (born Michael Dumaresq) races as a women’s professional downhill mountain bike racer; a not entirely uncontroversial situation.

Update: Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pal R. points out that Portland’s Molly Cameron is not only transgender, but vegan, and a pretty kick-ass cyclocross racer, still racing in the masters (30+) men’s category.

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  1. Pretty sure the only Masters race Molly has ever done was the 06 National Cyclocross Championships as a warm up for the Elite race. Look for her at the World cups in Europe this year!

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