I’m sure it’s too late to do so this year; but have any of the local race organizers thought about staging a crit around the Capitol building?

Would make the most sense in relation to the re-opening; but since that’s slated for January 4th (according to http://www.utahstatecapitol.utah.gov/), then perhaps in connection with Pioneer Day 2008?

See a Google Map of the proposed course.

Run in a clockwise-direction, it would be a one-mile course, with a decent climb on 5th North, a fast descent down East Capitol sweeping onto 3rd North, a tight right-hand turn onto Columbus Street, and back up the hill on 5th North.

Start-finish right in front of the Capitol building at 3rd North & State Street.

Super spectator-friendly from the Capitol lawns.

An alternate course (adding just under 1/4 mile) would be to carry the downhill further to Hillside Ave, then turn right up State Street, and left on 3rd North. Start at East Capitol & 3rd North, finish just west of State on 3rd North (at Wall Street, perhaps)?

See a Google Map of the proposed alternate course.

Done right; this course could rival Cat’s Hill (in Los Gatos, CA) and the Nevada City Classic for both difficulty and beauty.

I have neither the contacts nor the experience to organize something like this, but if any of the local organizers want to take it on, I’d be happy to help.