Eddie and pals do it again …

Now, as many of you may know, I’m a fan of the Supersuckers … it started because I’ve known their manager for about 6 years now.

Chris always tried to get me to come out to shows, and to turn me on to the music, but I was resistant … then one day, on my way home from his house up in Heber, I was sick of the music I had in the CD player, so grabbed one of the CDs he gave me, and threw it in … and got hooked. Been a fan ever since, and regretted not giving them a chance earlier.

The band just released a new CD, “Whole Foods Live“, recorded at, you guessed it, the grocery store in Arabella Station, to benefit the New Orleans Musicians Clinic, and Chris tells me that the proceeds from downloads of the CD from emusic.com will also be donated.

And if you’re already a member of emusic.com, this would be a good way to give them a try.

Even better, included on this CD is a 31-minute radio set and interview, along with the four live songs from the Whole Foods set.