Felt like crap. Should have ridden more this past week, instead of letting myself stiffen up from last weekend.

The fact that I’ve not been sleeping well the past week or so, and especially the last couple of nights isn’t helping either … and was totally sick to my stomach on Friday night and most of the day yesterday, but what can you do?

When you feel decent you ride. When you feel like shit; unless it’s so bad that it keeps you from even leaving the house, you still ride.

I really need to start commuting by bike again … it will save me money on gas, and it will definitely help my fitness situation. The weekend warrior thing isn’t really working; and I’m just not being consistent enough about getting on the bike when I get home from work.

Now … off to the store to get something to eat … a nice ham sandwich is sounding really good, and I need to replace my housemates’ pickles and cheese curds … and ice cream.