More anti-doping bullshit

An open email to WADA and USADA:

Jean-François Lamour, Vice President of WADA recently stated on the WADA website:

“In 1987, a counter-analysis completely exonerated me and annulled the results of the A-sample that were performed by the Macolin laboratory in Switzerland. A laboratory that, following several similar errors harming other athletes, had its accreditation withdrawn by the International Olympic Committee several weeks later.”

If athletes were able to have their count-analyses done at a different lab than the one that performed the initial analysis in the 1980s, why is that option not available to athletes now?

The LNDD in Châtenay-Malabry is obviously not following protocols by allowing results of tests to be leaked to the French national press before any counter-analyses can be performed, and yet athletes have no recourse.

Yet the Vice President of WADA was exonerated by having his samples tested elsewhere.

Shouldn’t the goal of USADA and WADA be to seek the truth in doping cases? Shouldn’t the goal of USADA and WADA to be fair to their athletes?

Why is Jason Sager still banned, when THREE other athletes who committed the same infraction were either a) not banned at all, in the case of Bart Gillespie, or b) had their suspensions overturned, in the cases of Cale Redpath and Alice Pennington?

Why the double-standard?