People who say they don’t like taking I-80 back down into the Valley from Little Mountain because of the traffic are pansies. That’s right, I said it … they’re pansies … weak little, large flowered garden plants.

I’m far too left-wing to use that word to cast aspersions on one’s manhood (or womanhood, I suppose), by using it in it’s more common pejorative sense.

It’s not the traffic on I-80 that sucks. It’s the fucking up-canyon headwinds that cause you to suffer to push 20 miles/hour on a 7% downhill grade.

The best part is that there’s very little knee pain or back pain; in fact, none that I wouldn’t expect after a ride this difficult for someone with my current fitness levels. Had to stop a few times too many for my liking to catch my breath back and to get my heart rate back under 170 before pushing on the next section.

Must keep hydrating this evening … do NOT want to go down with a dehydration headache. And gotta remember to stretch, so I don’t kink up my back again before my next appointment with Greg Freebairn.

So far, the position that Dave Harward put me in seems to be settling in … while I can’t say that I feel more efficient yet, it is comfortable, and taking a lot less time to adjust to than I would expect if it were not the right position. So once again I must heartily endorse his fit/position services.

Maybe next year I’ll be able to afford him as a coach!