Steven and ball sports?????

Anyone who knows me well also knows that when it comes to ball sports (at least the major ball sports), I could really give a rat’s ass … except on those rare occasions when the Minnesota Twins are in the World Series, or the Minnesota Vikings are in the play-offs battling for a spot in the Stupor-Bowl; both of these a holdover from my whopping 2 1/2 years in Minnesota from 1978-1980.

But the Utah Jazz and the Golden State Warriors are battling in the second round of the NBA playoffs, and even though I’ve never been a basketball fan, this is an exciting series.

Of course, since I did spend close to 20 years in the Bay Area, but the past 5 years in Utah, for this series I have to be contrary and give a slight edge to the Warriors as the team for whom I’m rooting.

Granted, the Jazz have won both games played thus far, but both games have been EXTREMELY close in regulation play … Monday’s game being decided in the last few seconds, and tonight’s game in overtime.

And since the Warriors are undefeated at home in the playoffs, that’s gotta bode well for the next two games … we’ll see if they come back to Utah next week all tied up at 2-games apiece.

Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter to me who wins … but these games are exciting … if all basketball games were this good, I might be able to become a fan.

Cycling will still be my favorite sport though, doping or no.

Now if we can just convince the whiny-ass prissy masters roadies to kick a little back to help grow the support through developing juniors …

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  1. Good hell, I sat through one quarter of that crap before i had to go and have a near death experience on the longboard just to prove i was still alive.

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