First day back on the bike since my fitting with Dave Harward this past Monday, and my most recent adjustment by Greg Freebairn on Wednesday.

I would have been out sooner, but it’s been a busy, busy week. Obviously, the fitting took up Monday night; Tuesday was a late session with my counselor; Wednesday was my appointment with Greg followed by the Cutthroat Racing team meeting/party at Spin Cycle; Thursday was dinner and a movie with pal K.B., and Friday and Saturday were both just too freakin’ cold and wet.

Yeah, I don’t sound much like a Flahute when I bitch about the weather like that, but it’s been long enough since I’ve consistently ridden in shitty weather (back in San Francisco) that it’s very difficult to force myself out in it.

So … I was under strict orders to spin easy, to give my knees and back a chance to adjust to the new position. So what do I do?

Well … the Mistress, the Damsel and left from the Mistress’s house in Sandy, and pretty much immediately climbed up Creek Road to Wasatch Blvd., a mile-long 8-12% grade. JOY!

It definitely will take a bit for me to get back into shape again; I need to be more consistent about riding everyday (or at least almost every day). Today, my legs were willing, but my lungs and heart were not …

Right knee is feeling a few twinges and I’m feeling some slight sciatic nerve radiation down my left leg, but it doesn’t seem too bad, and hopefully the stretches will help relieve what little I am feeling.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the team’s Monday recovery ride from Spin Cycle; perhaps I’ll actually make a showing … if not, then if the legs are feeling good, I’ll take my weekly run at City Creek Canyon.

Throwin’ down, Sly-style!

The Damsel …

… who insisted on an ass-shot!

The Mistress