Poetry Friday

Wherein space is constructed that matter may reside in…

The weather forecast that snow would fall from the sky.

(The architecture of snow was like the architecture
of the storm itself, and of the landscape.)

The weather forecast was that snow would fall.

We are like snow he said.

She understood her heart was cold.

And that if the walls could not be breached by rhetoric
or conjecture, still they leaned, comfortably
perhaps, one against the other,
an aggregate of disturbances, rust
that in the meantime corrodes, makes beautiful.

You are like snow. She thought,
but I told you that before.

The architecture of loss, the hand of a loved one.

You are not like other weather he said.

  — From Aggregate of Disturbances by Michele Glazer.
      Published by the University of Iowa Press. Copyright © 2004 by Michele Glazer.