Travis Tygart is full of shit:

“We absolutely are motivated to find the truth and do the right thing in every case. Our obligation is to protect clean athletes, nothing less and nothing more. And, while this means we have to have the integrity to follow the rules even when they apply to one of our country’s top athletes, like in the Justin Gatlin case, it also means when the evidence does not support an accusation we drop the case. We have had over 20% of all potential cases closed. Also, we have even gone back when new information was developed. For example, in the (Cale) Redpath case, new information became available and we acted on that information by retroactively erasing the violation (failure to appear for post-race testing) that he had agreed to. Our commitment to doing what is right is supported by our record, which is open for all resolved cases, and speaks for itself.” (Read more)

So why is Jason Sager still suspended?