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So far …

… the 41st birthday isn’t turning out to be too miserable … the weather sucks, which makes getting out on the bike a less than happy experience, but I’ve gotten acknowledgements from people who mean a lot to me, a couple of nice gifts thus far, and plans for both later today and tomorrow.

Also had an interesting conversation with Prefontaine via TXT earlier today, before he headed out to do Emigration.

Gonna have to get out and ride with him someday … on one of his easy/recovery road days, of course … if he ever takes one.

Update (7:46 pm MDT / 02:46 am GMT): Managed to upset one friend today, I think, because I flaked on her, when she gave up part of her day for me … but I’m just feeling icky and while I didn’t really want to back out, I also didn’t want to impose my mood on anyone else.


3 thoughts on “So far …

  1. “To put it another way, if your cycling spirit dampens at the sight of rain, you sure as shoot ain’t a Flahute.”

    Get out there.

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