Cannot wait until my back gets better … this whole “being able to ride, but not to walk” is getting annoying. Okay … it was annoying last Wednesday, but this is just too much.

Rode with the Mistress today … since it was windy we headed north from her house in Sandy up 9th East towards downtown … turned around at 6th South and came back via 6th East through Liberty Park, past Tracy Aviary, then back over to 9th East a bit further south, then back along Creek Road to get the gentle climb back up to Willow Creek.

28 miles, mostly flat, averaging about 17-18 mph, although I did damn near have a heart attack at one point.

So this makes a little under 75 miles for the weekend, including Friday’s jaunt up City Creek … I need 3 day weekends like this more often!

Oui, c’est moi!

Cruising south on 9th East

It’s the Mistress!


I think she’s asking for a massage …

Oh God! The Mistress really got my heart rate going with that last move …