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I can’t walk, but I can ride …

Still dealing with the ongoing bout of sciatica; I’ve got an appointment with a chiropractor on Monday after work … hopefully he’ll be able to do something to relieve the most immediate pain.

The odd part (as I mentioned yesterday) is that I can’t walk hardly at all, but I’m able to ride.

So after topping City Creek Canyon yesterday, I went out again today … but this time I climbed Emigration Canyon for the first time ever, starting from the house, rather than from the zoo like many people do.

31.1 miles round trip, about 1900 feet of total climbing, almost 1500 of which was the canyon itself.

Avg speed was only 13.1 mph, but I seemed be holding steady around 10 mph going up the canyon, and the winds coming down kept me from hitting any speeds higher than 30, and most of the time I was struggling to stay above 23-24 on the descent.

View back down Emigration Canyon from near Little Mountain Summit

Sign for Little Mountain Summit

View from Little Mountain Summit over Little Dell Reservoir

View of the Wasatch from Little Mountain Summit