Uh … yeah …

… today totally sucked on the the bike.

I think I’m coming down with either a cold, or allergies are kicking up something fierce (despite the fact that my docs say I don’t HAVE any allergies).

I also remembered (finally) to use my inhaler before I took off; and I wonder if part of my struggles are due to it. Need to look up the side effects of Albuterol.

I was struggling to keep my heart rate below 160 when rolling easy on flat ground; much less trying to climb at all.

So … rode out 11th Avenue towards the University, past the cemetary, and turned back at the big gate. Then headed up City Creek Canyon to the water treatment plant, where I turned back again (instead of trying to go all the way to the top).

Mostly as easy as I could take it, but with a little effort just to force myself. It’s gonna take some time, but I will get back in shape again; no ifs, ands or buts about it.

And while I almost feel even more like shit now, at least I got out there and did something, instead of making excuses. Ultimately, this will make me stronger, as I am definitely not in fear of overtraining at this point.