Getting closer!

About another mile up City Creek before being turned back by snow blocking the road, then just to get a couple extra miles, I did the the rest of the horseshoe around the bottom part of City Creek (Bonneville Drive), up to 11th Avenue before turning around and heading for home.

The snow patches aren’t huge … 40-50 feet long, but it’s just a pain to dismount to cross them … I’m sure there are some with the bike handling skills to manage it, but not me on the road bike.

15.4 miles, 1:13:24, avgHR 154, maxHR 172, avg 12.4 mph, 1450 feet vertical.

So, since (and including) last Sunday, about 73 miles. 5 rides in 8 days. Definitely the most days in a week (but not the most miles) I’ve ridden in years

And check the interesting wood thing I found on the way back down. Yes, I know it’s called a stump; but it’s one of the oddest shaped stumps I have ever seen, especially growing out of the side of a hill.

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