Am I a cyclist again yet?

4th ride in 7 days.

Today was 28 miles, with a little less than 2-hour break in the middle (to watch the crits out at Rocky Mountain Raceway), mostly flat, except for the bitch-ass 272-feet of vertical gain in the last 3 blocks on my way home.

Way out: 55:80, avgHR 162, maxHR 180, 15.1 miles, avg 16.4mph, 682kcal
Way back: 54:39, avgHR 164, maxHR 180, 12.9 miles, avg 14.1mph, 699kcal

Saw SlurpRib and BartmanG, and a few other faces I recognize from the UTCX series.

Not sure where the 2.2 mile discrepancy comes from, since I took the same basic route out & back; I did have to backtrack a couple times on the way out while trying to find the best way to get across I-80 out past the airport, but I didn’t think there was that much of a difference in travel distance.

With more sun on tap for tomorrow and Monday, gotta get some more miles in before the next storm rolls in on Tuesday … calling for thunderstorms on Tuesday, and for possibility of SNOW on Wednesday.

Utah … if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes.