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And so it begins …

With the warmer weather comes another season of cycling, and this year, I’m bound and determined to actually become a cyclist again, not just some guy with a lot of really nice bikes.

So I took my second ride in 3 days today … Sunday was a 10-miler out to Canyon Rim from Capitol Hill, followed by a long walk in the park with the dogs (did I post that already?). Got a lift home after that one, though … it was a long day.

Today was another 8.8 miler, from the house up City Creek Canyon … obviously, I didn’t make it all the way to the top, but I did get up to the water treatment plant … my lungs feel like death; but at least I did it. Now if I could just remember to dope up (you know, with that Albuterol asthma inhaler thingie) before I ride, maybe I wouldn’t die quite so hard.

Ten miles may not sound like much to most of the people I know; but considering how little I rode last year, just squeezing into bright red Lycra and getting on the damned cursed wonderful incredible machine is a win right there.

Average HR: 164. Max HR: 182 (my theoretical maximum is 180). 40 minutes, 29 seconds.

I am WAY out of shape.