… about my life these days is balancing contradictory emotions.

Things like allowing people to do something for me because I could use the help, when the pride in me wants to prove that I can do it on my own without anyone else’s assistance.

Things like deciding whether or not to help someone else out to make it easier for them when they’re doing something when, quite frankly, I’d really rather they were making other choices.

It becomes even more difficult when the person involved is one of the most important people in your life; someone to whom, more than anyone else, you want to prove that you can make it; someone whom, more than anyone else, you would generally be willing to do anything for.

Am I being a fool if I don’t accept help when it’s offered?

Am I being a jerk if I don’t help out my friends when they ask?

Many things to ponder, and in a week when I’m not seeing my counselor … I’ve got to make these decisions on my own.