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Warrior’s Philosphy

“The starting point is acknowledging that some kind of goodness exists in us. It is necessary to take that arrogant attitude, positively speaking. There is some feeling of upliftedness. We are worthy people, and we have something going for us. We are not all that totally wretched. Of course, we do have the wretched aspect that we have to face and look at. That is absolutely necessary in order to realize the other part. But they don’t actually interact as counterparts. It’s simply that you go through your clouds, and then you see your sun. That is the basic approach, the basic idea we should take towards the worthiness of our existence. That, by the way, is the warrior’s philosophy of looking at ourselves.”

  — Chögyam Trungpa (1939 – 1987), Tibetan Buddhist meditation master, scholar, teacher, poet, artist; from Talk One of “Warriorship in the Three Yanas,” an unpublished seminar given at the Rocky Mountain Dharma Center, August 22, 1978. Source “Ocean of Dharma Quotes of the Week” mailing list.