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Starting over …

Skinny Pockets aka Prime Rib aka SlurFox invited me to go to Fruita with him and Indohran this weekend, leaving tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I had to pass, being one of those poor schmucks with a day job.

He told me to “just quit” … and believe me, if there was any way that I could survive without the steady gig, I’d give it some really serious thought.

I’m approaching a major burn-out situation at work … been doing much of the same kind of work for almost 8 years now; almost as long as Kim and I were together. My recent realization that I’m having to start my life almost completely over is weighing heavily on my shoulders …

It’s time to simplify, but I’m not really sure where to start. I’ve grown quite accustomed to having some of the finer things in life around … things like multiple bikes, computers, high-speed internet, cell phone, books, and so on and so forth.

Now I’m worried about breaking my glasses before I get a chance to scrape together enough money to get them fixed. I’m having to cut back on my therapy sessions to every other week, because my co-pay doubled with the turn of the new year, and it’s starting to add up.

So … it’s time to start paring down … sorting through my stuff and figuring out what should just be trashed, and what might actually be worth selling on the ‘Bay.

Anyone wanna buy a half-eaten can of Smokehouse Almonds?